Captain Fin comes to Fatum

Captain Fin comes to Fatum

That's right, the legendary fin company ‘Captain Fin’ are coming to the Fatum Factory and Warehouse. We are going to be stocking a variety of single, longboard and twin fins from Captain Fin. This super popular fin company boasts a fine roster of surfers including Tyler Warren, Joel Tudor, Timmy Patterson, Dane Reynolds, Alex Knost. You name it, the list goes on…

Whats more we have tested a few of them and they really do work. We hope to have them available soon and you can come and take a board and a fin and see what you think.

Available soon online and in the store.

Update on our Heritage boards : Due to Lockdown and no surfing in Portugal we have not been able top test our new Heritage boards. They have been sat, looking amazing and teasing us for most of the winter but now the restriction is over, the waves, wind and tides are looking good for their first outing. Stay tuned on this one, you couldn’t be more amped than we are about they work.


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