Discounts on Fatum Surfboards for Chrsitmas and more...

Discounts on Fatum Surfboards for Chrsitmas and more...

Fatum Chrstmas

This time we have only gone and done it!, that's right. We have slashed the prices by 10% on a few Fatum Surfboards. Lets just say that there is something for everyone in this Fatum Chrsitmas Stocking. We have also put together a special Christmas bundle with an awesome price tag. Here are thew details:

- The selection of Fatum Surfboards that have had the 10% discount applied are:

A 7'6" Super Seven in white, a 6'10" Dolphin in Yellow, a 5'7" Habano in White, a 6'0" Skippa in White, a 6'8" Moby in White, a 7'0" Duke in Purple and a 9'2" Firm in Light Blue. 

Its important to note that shipping is not discounted, you can get all apart from the Longboard shipped to a European address for 95 euro. The Longboard shipping will be 125 euro. 

- We also have a Special Fatum Clothes Combo deal for you so if it's for someone else or yourself, you can get that nice warm fuzzy feeling of having got a bargain. You get: 

A Fatum Hoodie (men or women), a Fatum Tee (men or women) and a Fatum Beanie or Cap. All for 59 euro. Postage to Europe is 10.30 euro. 

We love keeping thing interesting here at Fatum and will be switching these Christmas prices for January Specials in about 30 days so get these deals while they are hot or... not. 

If you want to keep up with what deals we will be offering or when throughout the year then just subscibe to our mailing list and will let you know. 

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Fatum Surfboards. Yewwww.

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