Fatum Flavour of the Month for November

Fatum Flavour of the Month for November

What's going on at the Fatum Warehouse in November? 

With Nazare having just produced some of the biggest waves we have seen for a while and the conditions being large and epic, I type these words with shaky fingers. Winds have been light, swell has been heavy and there have been smiles all round the factory. 

Fatum Team Ridier Antonio Duarte

We have had a huge run on custom orders to get ready for the winters swells that have just started to arrive and also for the  river and static waves for which Fatum surfboards are known. 

Whats New for Fatum Quiver of Products

- River Boards. There will be some changes in the quiver for River and Static Waves. We are going down to three models.

The Rush will have a wider tail for weaker conditions, will give you more speed and pop. 

The Clash will be for those heavier waves/days which features a slightly pulled in tail for better rail-to-rail surfing and will generally be more responsive. 

The Shove It is going to modified more for the static waves with some power. 

The Mini Simmons gets some wooden glass ons.

- The Fatum Test Quiver. We have been shaping five new surfboards for you guys to test, each of them is a take on a classic kind of surfboard that you would not normally have a chance to ride unless you made a purchase. Our idea was to make them available to you to surf and test. Some of these may become Fatum models. 

We have: an Asymmetric, a Mini Simmons, an Evo Skate, a Hull and a 3 fin Bonzer. 

At the time of writing three of these are finished and two will be finished in the next two weeks. If you are nearby and want to give them a go, just pop in and sign them out. 

The Fatum Asymmetric Test Board. Come and give it a go...

- November Clothing Deals. Introducing Fatums 'Flavour of the month'. 

Every month we will be putting two or three items of clothing on a special offer. When the month is up, the deal changes, never to be repeated. This month we have: 

Fatum November 'Flavour of the Month' Deals

Mens. T-Shirt and Zippy Sweatshirt Combo. 

Ladies. Fatum Chill Pants in Olive Green on Discount

For all. The Fatum Poncho and Beanie Combo 

You can check all the deals out at The Fatum Warehouse. Stay tuned for more news on Surfboards and Stoke. Have a sweet November.  



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