Fatum Monthly Deals for October

Fatum Monthly Deals for October

We are kindhearted folk here at Fatum and in a way to make things a little more lively over the Autumn and Winter we have decided to run a Monthly Sale on Fatum Merchandise.

This is as well as the Fatum Bundles we have always on offer.

Every Month the deal changes

Thats right, every month we will be changing the deal, the products offered and the price. For October we have a three deals to choose from.

- 2 x Fatum Ottis Sweatshirts for 60 euro. Normal Price os 45 euro each.

Yours fro 60 euro. One Ottis in Blue with White Stripes and one in Desert.

- 1 Fatum Fat Letter tee in White + 1 Fatum Surf Check Hoodie in Chilli Red for 50 euro. Nomal price would be 80 euro.

One Fatum Chest Print Tee in Orange and one in Blue. Boith for 30 euros.

- 2 Fatum Chest print Tee, one in Blue and one in Orange for 30 euro. Normal price would be 50 euro.

Women Fat Letter Tee and Surf Check in Chilli for 50 bucks.

These Deals are just for October and will be replaced in November with something eles. If you like the look of it, grab it while it’s on.

Shipping to Europe on each of these deals is 10.30 euros. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more merch going in the deals section in November, we will be adding all sorts of things coming up to Christmas and beyond. 



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