Fatums Rental Quiver gets a Revamp

Fatums Rental Quiver gets a Revamp

Here at Fatum we have long had a quiver of our boards that clients can use to 'test' a specific model and see if it's for them. Over time, this morphed into a rental quiver. Now it has had a big update. 

With over thirthy surfboards in the 'test/rental quiver' and it being more popular than ever, we decided to inject a bit of fun into it. No longer will you just be able to test Fatum models, but we have made a range of boards that might not normally be available to rent.

Gero is shaping this Mini Simmons for the Fatum Experinece

We are calling the product 'The Fatum Experience' and will introduce a range of surfboards from surfings past, present and future. 

Already shaped and in line for use in October are: 

A Bonzer, a Hull, a Mini Simmons, an Asymmetric and something we are calling a 'Protobe'. 

Just a sneak peak at the tail... That's all you get for now.

There are going to be more boards like this coming as time goes on and they will be available as rentals or (and this is new) with a guide who will go with you and explain the boards and the different fins etc. It's totally up to you. 

Watch this space for more details coming very soon. 

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