New Year, New Fatum

New Year, New Fatum

Well, that's not exactly true boys and girls. We are still making surfboards in the classic reliable way and available for you dear customer, 24/7. The Covid19 pandemic has not effected our production at all, we remain shaping boards behind closed doors and taking the necessary precautions. Life is the same in a big factory with chemical face masks on. 

This year we are planing to unveil in full our collection of classic 'heritage' surfboards from surfing's past. Having finished making all five surfboards they remain in the Fatum shop waiting for the perfect day to take them out and test them. We said the staff would be the first to have a go and we are all chomping at the bit to get out there and see what they are capable of. 

We have a Fatum Aysmetric, a Fatum Bonzer, a Fatum Futureproof concept board, a Fatum Mini Simmons and a Fatum Displacement Hull. 

Later in February we will be unveiling our Fatum 'Back to the Roots' Experience that will feature these boards and will be how you, our clients, will be able to come and test them. But more about that later. 

Our bargains section for the new year sees teo male and two female tees go in the temporary sale bin and bothh from the 'Lone Star' collection. 

Mens Lone Star in Ox Blood and Sweedish are 15 euro instead of 25 euro.

Ladies Lone Star in Midnight and Ox Blood are 15 euro instead of 25 euro.

We also have a selection of surfboards that will be 10% off retail price for a fixed period. 

Thats it from us for this month, stay safe and stay tuned here for more details.

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