The VDW Smart Stick

The VDW Smart Stick

In a new series of blogs on the Fatum Warehouse page, ‘The People you Meet (at Fatum)’ is designed to share with you all the people that walk through our physical doors in Peniche. We get só many different people with great personalities with stories to tell it seemed like the next step to try and re-tell some of them. To kick things off the first article is about a man and a product soon to be in circulation. (It might be by the time you read this)

Martim and the Van der Waal Surfboard Location Device

VanderWaal is a deck grip that was invented in Lisbon, Portugal by a man called Martim Dornellas. Martim just happens to surf on a Fatum Super Six and is a customer of ours. Van Der Waal is a good product só we use it ourselves and we stock it in our shop for re-sale. But this tale is not about Van Der Waal. It’s about something you might have only deamt of before now…

The Surfboard Locator Sticker AKA Smart Stick

Launching soon (in a couple of day from this article publishing) is something the every surfer that owns their own board would think is a great idea. Its a sticker that you apply to your surfboard that ties you to your board.

First you apply the sticker to your surfboard and then you wave you phone (with NFC turned on) over said sticker. You will immediately be informed who owns the surfboard and their contact details. If you are the owner of the board and you have lost it, you can mark the surfboard down as Lost. Simple huh?

This device has só much potential and we are in talks with Martim for using them with our surfboards, having the option of getting them glassed into our boards if customers desire. Also with our rental and test quiver, there is a bunch of cool info about the board that could be accessed by NFC.

There have been many suggestions as to what other information could be added to the sticker, such as emergency contact details and blood types for those who surf bigger Nazare type waves.

Keep an eye out for more info on this product as we review and test it out.

Well done to Martim, a stoke of genius.

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