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Fatum Bulldog 5'11" Blue Powder Dash

Fatum Bulldog 5'11" Blue Powder Dash

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Fish surfboards are popular because they work really well in small waves. The wide outline and the big swallow tails offer a good planing surface but this doesn’t happen without sacrifices. Fish boards tend to become harder to control when the surf gets bigger. The rails don’t give that much hold and precise turns become more difficult.

We designed the Bulldog to battle the weak points of a fish boards without losing the advantages in small surf. Our starting point was the Flying Fish so the outline is almost fish like. Compared to a regular shortboard it offers a fuller nose and wider tail. This gives you the paddle power and planing surface you need in small surf.

5'11" x 20 x 2 1/2 = 33.1L

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