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Fatum Firm 9'1"- Starting Grid Collection

Fatum Firm 9'1"- Starting Grid Collection

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The Firm takes the best elements of classic and modern longboards and blends them into a very user friendly board.

It has more curve than the proven Ze Don shape, but with the deep nose concave and bevelled rails it’s still easy to hook in for extended nose rides. The pronounced hips towards the tail make this beauty amazingly smooth and easy to turn and trim. The rails are modern, low volume, tucked under edge at the mid-section and bevelled in the nose. The bottom contour sports a concave nose followed by a vee in the centre and finishing off in a spiral vee in the tail to give more drive through the bottom turn.

9'1" x 22.5 x 2 7/8 = 68.2 Liters

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